Wealth & Values Initiative
  • The Wealth and Values Initiative (WVI) and its growing Legacy Family Community (LFC) exist to support the successful intergenerational transfer of legacy family wealth and values.
    The statistics on the long term preservation of legacy family wealth across the generations are not pretty. Surveys show that by the end of the second generation – or G2 – 60% of the wealth is dissipated – and by the end of G3 – 90% of wealth is dissipated*

    * The Williams Group, in a survey of more than 2,000 successful families over 20 years (can’t find direct link, WSJ reference

  • This pattern appears across cultures as well as historical periods.
    By survey, families convey their view of the reasons – pointing to bad deals, bad taxes, and bad advice as the culprits.

  • But the facts reveal more fundamental challenges – namely a failure of trust and communication between generations (the next generation often grows up on a “different planet”) – and a failure of stakeholder generations to define a unifying purpose for the family – its legacy, or higher purpose.
    These two challenges are the leading cause of the dissipation of wealth across generations. It is critical that successful families engage in the cross-generational definition – and comprehensive implementation – of this longer term family legacy.

Our culture

The WVI strives to embody an integrity based “dolphin culture” based upon the following code of conduct:
-Giving first to set the foundation for mutual benefit
-Adding value even if there is no transaction
-Earning trust with every touch point
-Being a serial connector – not just a serial entrepreneur
-Building long term relationships and community
-Monetizing after achieving these

Three legend Our Ecosystem

Wealth Value Initiative / Legacy Family Community Programmatic Three-Leggend Stool
  • Thought Leadership

    An assortment of events that provide members with relevant Best Practices as well as unparalleled high level peer-to-peer networking experiences. Our Success to Significance Dinner Series – which occur three times a year and honor leaders from the worlds of Culture, Technology, and Sports respectively.

  • Next Gen Program

    The Intergenerational Leadership Entrepreneurial Accelerated Development Program – is a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary global leadership development and networking program for executives and entrepreneurs from American, Chinese, and other international family enterprises.

  • Deal Club

    The Deal Club enables like-minded members of our Legacy Family Community to generate important new co-investment opportunities with each other – and with first generation wealth creators.

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