Wealth & Values
  • The Wealth & Values Initiative is an organization dedicated to ensuring the successful intergenerational transfer of wealth and values. The WVI – a project of Next Opportunity Group – and its growing Legacy Family Community (LFC) hosts unique programs that provide thought leadership and best practices, high level peer to peer networking experiences, and exposure to compelling co-investment opportunities.

    This is accomplished through the three-legged programmatic stool of:
    - Unique programs that provide thought leadership and best practices as well as high level peer to peer networking experiences
    - ILEAD – a groundbreaking Next-Gen East - West intergenerational, cross-cultural mentorship program
    - Deal Club – which provides participants with exposure to compelling co-investment opportunities

  • The WVI Dolphin Foundation

    The WVI Dolphin Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, exists to inspire Legacy Families to pivot toward “give back” – wherein they can utilize their prestige, wealth, and power to make a disproportionate impact to uplift culture and the human condition. Our mission is to channel the funds raised to worthy early stage charities aligned with the Dolphin culture that support Veterans and Sports for Good Initiatives.

    The WVI/LFC ecosystem is informed by our Dolphin Culture that encourages long-lasting, trust based relationships founded on integrity, community, and altruism.
    For more info: https://www.wvievents.com/wvi-dolphin-foundation/

Wealth Value Initiative / Legacy Family Community Programmatic Three-Legged Stool
  • Thought Leadership

    An assortment of events that provide members with relevant Best Practices as well as unparalleled high level peer-to-peer networking experiences. Our Success to Significance Dinner Series – which occur three times a year and honor leaders from the worlds of Culture, Technology, and Sports respectively.

  • Next Gen Program

    The Intergenerational Leadership Entrepreneurial Accelerated Development Program – is a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary global leadership development and networking program for executives and entrepreneurs from American, Chinese, and other international family enterprises.

  • Deal Club

    The Deal Club enables like-minded members of our Legacy Family Community to generate important new co-investment opportunities with each other – and with first generation wealth creators.

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